Buenos Aires [ARG]


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Santiago Pintos aka Sancturu, young Dj and Musician producer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1996.
He’s creator and resident of events cycle Akasha Meetings (Bahia Blanca, ARG) and is part of the Innovant Agency artist group.
He entered the world of music from an early age as a bassist, years later he found electronic music while was living in Bahia Blanca city.
Inclined by the sounds closer to the House and its variants, it moves naturally by minimalist batteries, solid bass lines, atmospheric pads and hypnotic synthesizers, combining them with styles such as Techno, Electro, Breakbeats and Dub.

As a producer, he is part of the labels Astral Music (PE) and Música Fuera de Tiempo (ARG), in constant production of new ideas related to his style and outside of the genre.

In his career as a DJ, he showed his art in South America, like Brasil, Chile, Peru and Colombia, and in several cities and recognized clubs in Argentina where he has shared a booth with great artists such as Alan Castro, Alejandro Cuestas (PER), Pedro D’alessandro, Nektar Agu, Furz, Leonardo Gonelli (IT), Jorge Ciccioli, Juan Zolbaran, Dino Ross, Dafoe (ESP), Lautaro Scavuzzo and Bernat, among others.




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